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Enquire about Chimney Stacks & Sleves

Enquire about Chimney Stacks & Sleves

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Innovative solutions are what we believe in and this product is certainly a great solution to the traditional method.

Off-site manufacture is the solution to on-site problems, and with our innovative G.R.P. Chimney sleeve we certainly have reduced the on-site problems. Pre-Fabricated from Glass Reinforced Polyester (G.R.P) our chimney sleeve is a direct replacement for traditional plaster. It is aesthetically pleasing and swift to install but without the mess and complications of traditional methods.

It can be incorporated into all traditional chimney systems; simply cut sleeve at existing roof pitch, slide over block chimney stack and fix with stainless steel fixings, then top out with a concrete coping, traditional pot and you have a fully finished chimney stack, furthermore why not have your sleeve recoloured to match existing house colours, or maybe your development may call for the use of our brick effect sleeve, whatever your requirements our technical department will be delighted to advise you.

If you are based in Ireland or Northern Ireland Contact us about our Chimney Stacks & Sleeves now.

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